LS Ranch in the Sierras

Dave Ellis and Jody Grimm welcome you to the LS Ranch

We are pleased to offer to the public the opportunity to ride and learn from two of Pat Parelliís  qualified instructors.  Take your time, look over what we offer, then contact us or a clinic host and come ride with us.
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Dave would like you to know that he loves teaching new students the Fundamantals of Parelli .  Yes, he is expert with the advanced folks; however, he personally enjoys helping people new to Natural Horsemanship. See him about helping folks newly interested in Parelli.

Dave has a couple of articles published that may interest you.
Don't Make Me Pick Up the Stick:

Showing the similarities between the Circling Game
and the wild herd's mare & stallion.


backing by rocks

Is your horse actually backing up, or just going backwards
Showing the value of FOCUS and  problems without it


Take a look at a short video of the ranch
with an evening campfire


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If you like old-time cowboy songs,

give a listen to Dave & Jody's CD

If you're not yet a member of the NEW Parelli Savvy Club, take a look here. It's great !
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Jody & Dave are proud Parelli Professionals and recommend that you make use of  our friends here
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Thanks Much from Jody & Dave

Here's some information about Jody

Even some information about Dave

Here's how to contact them

Here's some of the things they can help you with

What are the costs of their help?

Here's their current schedule

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Take a look at some fun photos of folks enjoying the ranch