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LS Ranch offers to Parelli students the opportunity to ride as guests with Dave Ellis and Jody Grimm-Ellis at their ranch in Porterville, CA. The focus of this time is Parelli Natural Horsemanship. You will have time with Dave and/or Jody and the current crew on the ranch.

We are able to offer to Parelli students the opportunity to ride various horses and to study with Parelli instructors.  We maintain an eclectic herd of approximately 20 horses of various breeds.  At any given time we could have 2 to 4 horses in to be started, and 2 or 3 horses in for re-starts and further development.  Ranch horses are available for $25.00 per day and are continually being advanced in their development.  The PNH level for the ranch horses range from Level 1 thru Level 4.  We do not have any “rank” horses or major problem horses.

Your day may include discussions, watching colt starting and horse development by apprentices, as well as your own personal time with your horse riding along with Dave and Jody as they develop their personal horses, gather cattle, sometimes working with the cattle, checking fence lines, and riding for fun, or best of all, all of the above on the same day !

Each guest is provided extensive time with Dave or Jody or both answering your horsemanship questions.  Dave & Jody are always ready to explain Pat & Linda's program and provide knowledge to further your horse, yourself, and your relationship with your horse.

You are welcome to schedule per day, per week, or per month.

Guests can expect the following:

Daily – 1 day Ride with Dave and/or Jody and crew
Weekly - 7 days riding on LS Ranch with 4 days guaranteed with Dave and/or Jody

Ranch horses available by request at $25.00 per day.
Horses are gathered around  6:00 AM each morning. Riding begins between 8:00 and 9:00am and continues until approximately 1:00/2:00 PM.  Dave often helps individually in the afternoons around 4:00

You are welcome to join in with the general ranch chores just for fun or to ride on your own after the morning sessions.

Cost for horsemanship
     $175 Daily
     $1,050.00 Weekly (this means a free day)
     Horse pens N/C
     Hay $15 per day. N/C if you bring your own feed.

Guests can bring one personal horse.  No dogs or pets.

Guests must have medical coverage for themselves.

Guests provide their own sleeping and eating arrangements.  Hotels are available in Porterville,
     12 miles away.

Campers, motor homes, and living quarter rigs are welcome on the ranch,N/C.If you need power, you must bring your own generator. Tent camping is not allowed.

Toilets are available, Shower is available.  RV service can come out and clean guest toilets

Contact Jody for arrangements and scheduling: jody.grimm@juno.com  303-503-2911

This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself with your horse in an absolutely beautiful setting.

Come and Ride with us