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What do Jody and Dave teach?

Whenever a contracted clinic is set up by a host, the host decides what the format will be.  Jody and Dave will conduct the clinic according to the hosts requests.

We are often asked "what are the differences in the event formats?".  PNH is very particular about formats and Jody and Dave adhere to them.  In a nutshell, they are

djHorsemanship Clinics - information dissemination.  Lots of theory and principle.  Just enough practice to show the instructors that you understand the basics.  You improve by applying what you are learning.

Workshops - Practice, practice, practice. Lots of doing, little rhetoric.  You MUST already be "in the program" and have a practical knowledge of PNH concepts.  You improve by practicing your learned principles in the presence of the instructor .

Purpose Clinics - Practical application of PNH principles.  Cow Working clinics, Colt Starting clinics, mountain camps, ranch working clinics, packing clinics, etc. You improve by doing something with your principles, or as Pat says, "Putting purpose to your principles". Jody and Dave take great care to provide to their students the degree of purpose that matches their savvy level.

Private Lessons

Jody and Dave prefer to offer to the student the choice of subjects. They feel that most students desire a private lesson to address a particular issue. Students of any level are welcome to participate in private lessons.

Group lessons

This is a two hour lesson with at least three and a maximum of five students. As with the private lessons, each student can express his preference for the lesson. During the  lesson, each student will have his issue addressed. The other participants will improve their capabilities while each issue is improved. Students of any level are welcome to participate in group lessons. Usually the host has arranged for the lessons, and they will make every effort to group students of even capabilities.


Workshops will consist of three hour segments, and are considered "Savvy Specific". A particular savvy or game will be selected by Jody or Dave based upon observation of the group. Dave likes to teach the first hour and a half on the ground, take a break, then finish the lesson with riding examples of what was just practiced on the ground.  Jody may vary that format depending upon her observation of group.  The focus of Workshops is practice, practice, practice. There is very little philosophy and rhetoric. You seldom learn something new; but you always improve what you already know! Students new to PNH can not participate in a Workshop. Workshop participation requires that you are studying the Parelli Savvy System, or taken three private lessons, or participated in a group lesson or ridden in a clinic.

Contract Clinics

Contract Clinics provide the students with the opportunity to pick who rides in the event and what is studied in the event.  In a Contract Clinic the host pays a fixed fee and reimburses them for travel expenses.  The host then determines how many people he wishes to have participate and how often.  They set the price for each participant according to their budget.

Clinics are designed to teach students the rudiments and philosophy of particular aspects of Pat's Savvy System. Clinics are offered as Entry level or Advancing of each of the levels . You may request, for example, a Level One Partnership Clinic, or a Level Two Advancing, etc. Any level student may participate in a Level One Clinic. Clinic may be “Savvy Specific” depending of the host’s requests.

Jody and Dave both teach a "special clinic" called Advancing Horsemanship.  This clinic will utilize the very successful teaching style called "teaching by tasking".  Within this format there may be Level 1 folks, level 2, level 3, even some instructors studying with Dave.  Virtually all levels of expertise EXCEPT pre-level 1.  Jody and Dave take each participant to newer and higher levels of expertise by tasking them with an eye toward "expanding their's and their horse's  personal comfort zone"

Jody and Dave have for several years had enormous success with a clinic formatted as "Purpose for our Principles and Patterns".  In this format which is open to anyone having passed Level-1 they will help improve your principles; then set up simulated purposes such as Cow-Working or Military Encounters or Police Mounted Patrols, or Bull Fighting Horses, or Cavalry Quadrilles.  This format has become the students favorite.

Dave is having great luck with a new format that he calls “Re-Start to Re-Fine”.  This format covers the start that your horse may or may not have undergone when he was first started; but by repeating the process on our older experienced horses, we can detect where some areas may have been overlooked or at best relaxed in later life.  Another way to put it is “We will detect and fill in any holes your horse may have developed along the way”.  Dave then moves on to horse development and into stages of refinement depending on the student’s ability and the length of the clinic.

Purpose Clinics (camps)

Camps are for intensive study. They consist of at least four days and can extend to ten. The organizer will determine the duration. Camps are set up to provide stay-over accommodations so that the student is immersed in his horsemanship.   Facility and food costs will be determined by the host.  The format usually consists of morning learning and practicing; then the afternoon applying our skills. Dave can conduct for you a Cow Working Clinic, or Back Country Packing Clinic, or Trail Riding Clinic, etc.

Video Coaching

Dave provides a unique method to his students regarding videos.  He edits your video onto another while commenting verbally onto the new video.  He often stops the original DVD or tape, backs it up, and re-plays it with specific comments on the new master.  You may send him a 30 minute video and receive back a one-hour DVD, depending on how often he paused the original or re-wound the original helping you with a specific item.   The cost for a video coaching is $75.00 per session.  Be sure to include a blank VHS tape or DVD,  and a self addressed, stamped return envelope.